Nowadays more and more people are concerned about their health and wellbeing and it is for this reason that we are going to talk in this article about fasting in Castelldefels and the facilities that we offer you from our hotel in Castelldefels.

Castelldefels is one of the places where fasting activities are carried out in centers where there is adequate medical supervision and that are carried out in natural environments that help to get a better performance of the activity.

The purpose is to feel good about oneself, through a healthy way of living and creating routines in our way of life much healthier focusing on the welfare of each.

We will find different types of fasting in Castelldefels, always depending on our objectives. These fasts are largely focused on the number of days, moving in a range that can go from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Fasts with a shorter number of days are focused on getting started in fasting therapy and experiencing its benefits. The longer therapies are designed for a more experienced public, looking for a weight loss accompanied by a deeper therapy on mind and physical health.

At the Mediterraneo Hotel in Castelldefels we offer accommodation for those people who decide to practice the activity of fasting in Castelldefels, always with the most competitive prices and being an ideal complement to your retreat, since our hotel is the ideal habitat to continue your fasting process in Castelldefels.

On the other hand in the hotel Mediterraneo we will offer you those healthy drinks to complement your fasting.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will gladly inform you about the services we offer from our hotel near Barcelona.